Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Waking up...a new me.

So, more to come later but the Grove is back in town and we're way jazzed about getting things back to spiritual norms, at the very least. Quickest update EVAH: Bio Dad is fine, met him he's super likeable as is the rest of the family. Now just to make myself pick up that phone and call him every so often! :)

Living in Yellow Springs, having a blast< awesome neighbors moved and people with horrible anxiety ridden dog moved in. Man is going for his PhD soon. Baby is getting too big, she's 2.5...still getting people rallied for intentional community communal style living. Thinking of getting a big ole farmhouse in the country before actual land.

Cutting people out that weren't contributing, done. Bringing people in who care a great deal? On the move. Things fell apart there for about a year...but we really nailed them back down...and we're making great progress here. I'll not forget you, interwebz...someone reads this somewhere, sometimes.

I learned today that I can and WILL achieve second degree in the AODA...it's the time frame that's the problem. Here's too better placement of recycling plants and NO FRACKING WAY!


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