Thursday, May 13, 2010

So, I took an unscheduled hiatus!

As I am sure, the few of your who actually read this blog, may have noticed. So many strange and interesting things have happened over the last few weeks I feel I owe you an explanation!

1) I started feeling magickal. Like I could do anything and be anyone and just go go go! I know this sounds silly...but that is who I used to be until a decade of life and responsibilities beat me down into the realities of just trying to make it. I have a former E-friend who is now a current IRL friend (more on that next) to thank for quite a bit of the faith and confidence it took to retrieve that inner me.

2) Steve's great migration. I have been talking to Steve for the better part of two years, getting to know more about him, and he about me. We exchanged kind words and helped each other to feel better about ourselves. Not that my long time friends didn't do that for me just felt nice coming from someone new. A third party, if you will. I started to notice that Steve's luck with women, his mental health, and general well being was turning for the worse several months ago. I just held my tongue until I really couldn't stand to see another human being suffer in that manner any longer. Then I mentioned he should move here, be closer to us, have similar friends who are giving and caring. We're all very open and caring, honest and hard working, and have an obsession with helping those less fortunate. He was at his wits end and started really considering my words. I guess, I was his only real and true friend...well, that's not so now...he's off forming the sparks he needs to build those great burning fires of friendship. He never ceases to amaze me...even after all his maddening stories and crazy adventures...he (on a wing and a prayer) hopped a bus to Ohio with only the things he could carry. He landed on his feet at the bus station. After a few hours we were there to pick him up. So, with a box and two bags he gets into the vehicle. We drive up to a hotel that had been advertising a live in position in exchange for some work. He landed the job in less than an hour. So amazed. He had a job and a place to live in just over two hours after getting off a bus in the middle of Ohio from North Carolina. /sigh...the will power of some people. Even after he'd been beaten down by life and was living on little to no sleep.

3) The joint "birTday" party. Day after Steve gets in he agrees to come to Super M's husband Phil's and MY joint b-day party. He's had little sleep, is on edge from the move, already has anxiety disorders...but he still wanted to be there for me, to be a part of something bigger. He had a minor trip up at the party dealing with his nerves but Super M and her Super Hubs stepped in to help with words of kindness. We ate, we drank (too much), we fooled around, we played a murder mystery game that wasn't very good, BTW. We laughed, we cried, we were fearful and happy...angry and obsessed...we were human, and the beauty of it still hangs on my soul. I think we broke Super M as you can see from her BLOG post about the party...the only major down side to this whole ordeal, really...but I'm glad she re-found some of what she lost during the party. Now she's just got other major life poo to deal with. I love you Super M <3 with all of my E and IRL heart!

4) I received a package from Jill Medicine Heart for Nixie Pigeons late Bday. She got a full Tinkerbell plate cup bowl set with a fork and spoon...and an awesome quilt that she loves...also an Easter rubber duck that looks like it's in a basket. SO KYEWT! Thanks Jill! <3

5) Heckety sent me my spot prize of a hot pink tea coaster and a matching egg cozy for my little Nixie baby to have something like Mama at the breakfast table. HOW AMAZING! She just loves it...with or without the egg. The bookmark is just amazing...and she also sent me these bonus wrist warmers that she sells in her Etsy shop. They are warm and comfortable and fabulous to wear at the computer to keep your wrists from resting directly on a hard surface. I'll have pictures up later, but I was just wanting to make it public that you should SO visit her BLOG and SHOP to check out what her fingers of fire can put together. PS her quilts are AMAZINGLY beautiful. If you're reading this Heckety, I need your return post for I have a rather large amount of here and there items for your crafting needs! :)

6) Notification from the complex of DOOM. We have been notified that we are to be out by the end of this month or have to sign another lease. It is so silly as we have already been paying month to month without fail for the last six months...but what can we do? Complain. HA!

7) Sending in application to the town homes in Yellow Springs. We spent SO long looking for places and not applying for them that we are now in a pickle. Oh well, application filled out/goodjujued/sent. They don't meet all our needs...but then, nothing in our price range DOES there. At least this way the MIL gets our washer/dryer as there is no hook up AND I get out of doing all our laundry as she has volunteered to do it because she's getting the W/D! WOOT! So, if you're reading this please to send some good apartment getting juju...we really need this place. I need to jump start my new life style and Nixie needs a place she can toddle around without getting told "No! Put  that down! Come here. I love you, but please don't eat that." etc...and she needs a safe neighborhood where we can walk to the park and play or have a picnic. It's just that simple, people. We wanted to be out of here two months ago...and we held out as long as we could...I should have known we'd end up at the first place we looked at. We always do. ALWAYS.

8) My new melding of old me and new me. I'm a happier, better adjusted person now. I know what I want and what I want I will go to the ends of the Earth to get it. I'm tired of being unhappy, depressed, unhealthily fat (not just plump), and most of all I'm tired of letting what others might think of me hold me back. I AM DONE. Sorry if I anger you with my ME-NESS world...WATCH OUT!



  1. I love you no matter what, always ♥

  2. Wowzer! Talk about going through the wringer, and dryer, and then bein flattened by a steamroller...I was missing you, but your post came up when I was sick, so I missed that too, and have only just crawled through the inner workings of my Dashboard to find you!!!
    I went and read your friends post too, and I sure hope your hubband is on the mend soon- we had similar medical mystery with out eldest the last few months but its kinda resolved now, not good, but at least we know. Did you read what she said about your Nixie? Its wonderful!! Ya proud moma!!
    I'm glad your parcel arrived safely, and I'm glad the things are useful! I'll email you my address, and thank you for the promo too!

    You hang in there, girl, you're obviously a kind and good friend, and things will eventually look up. I really think everything happens for a purpose, even if its only to teach one a life-lesson to pass on to someone else. I really believe that.