Friday, April 23, 2010

Spiritual well being, eating your veggies, and Norsk somethings.

If you like cute babies and Beyonce/Sasha Fierce have a look at the video linked to the title of this blog!

I'm in serious need of a smudge stick and some house clearing. Years of built up tension, hate, aggression, and mystery meat need to be banished from our dwelling. Ever feel like you're under spiritual attack? For some reason, lately even the baby is picking up on the tension in our home. I mean, there is the stress from not being able to find a suitable home and now we're on a deadline...but it's nothing we haven't had to deal with before. For some reason I think events are in line, then they're dashed against the rocks in life's rapids. But with our tension, the baby's teething, allergies, and now this unseen "force" that's steering our life lately...I am unsettled and uneasy. Hopefully, once we land our perfect dwelling in the perfect town for our new lifestyle we'll feel more content and less troubled.

In other less gloom and doom news: I love Asparagus! For real! Add some salt, garlic, and butter...seared in a pan until just soft enough or slapped on the grill and I'm in heaven. The problem is finding Asparagus grown in the United States...let alone OHIO! I know I should eat as locally as possible but there are a few products that I can't get and can for later because they just don't taste right. Asparagus is one of them. So, I'm stuck with a craving for these lovely green (and white and purple) stalks, and I always feel a little guilty picking up vegetables that were trucked in from halfway across the continent. Maybe later this year when they come in in droves to farmers markets, I'll feel a little bit better about myself and my cravings. I also turned my Grandmother on to Asparagus. I made it for her once oh so many years ago. I made it from a can (big mistake) and it was after she had been sick (second mistake) and they tasted AWFUL. Made her sick and she never tried it again. So, recently with my new culinary skills I seared her up some yummy tender stalks and to my amazement and hers she now wants to make that her favorite and eat them all the time. Maybe I'll make that a part of Phil (Super M's hubby) and my joint birthday dinner? We'll see.

Did I mention my birthday is May 4th? And Phil's is OH look it's midnight! TODAY! HAPPY BDAY PHIL! You're the bestest DUDEPAL EVER! We're doing a murder mystery dinner party and I suppose a little more planning should be done soon...AKA whenever I can get ahold of Super M!

On another note, this is not so Norsk...but is kinda? Anyway the uber Northern Norwegians speak an old tribal language called Sami or Saami. Here is a video of a beautiful song sung in this very distinct language using a traditional method. Vajas performing Star Girl:

Here are the roughly translated beautiful:

In a dark world
we need stars
So that lost people can find their way home again

In a world that has become gray
we need colors
So that saddened people find their joy again

We yoiked the star girl
she shined
She was bright

In a soundless world
we need tones -
So silenced people find their songs again

Hope you enjoyed! All my love blogospherians!

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  1. Just saw this and you SOOOOOO need one:
    Why are they so damn expensive?! Grrr!