Monday, April 19, 2010


So, this has nothing to do with the fair state of Oklahoma, I've just always wanted to use that title...and life will never present me an opportunity to use it for real, so I just typed it out and there you have it!

So, I went to see the house in YS today. It's a beautiful old house with a large yard and big big trees and I love it...but has some significant drawbacks for the husband and I. I can see our family there, but the cons of living there certainly outweigh the pros. I wonder will this be right? Can we afford SO many bills? or the Deposits? So, we took the whole day and did the adult thing and argued back and forth until we came to a semi-conclusion. But, I'll delve deeper into housing once I'm officially there and unpacked and lovin' it.

Then there's the monster dilemma I created...Steve, my totally rockin' e-dudepal for the last few years has decided he's had ENOUGH of people being hateful and rude in North Carolina, wants to be closer to his son, and that he wants his life to start looking up! Good for him! He wants to be around people with heart, like us. Good for him! He wants it now! Uh So, without further ado I say: well, won't you consider finding a place first? Super M helped me to change his mind about jumping in his van and immediately driving cross country to be with super awesome dudes and chicks here in Ohio. But, that didn't change the fact that he still wants his move date to be Apr. 30th into May 1st so he can be here for the Phil/Candi b-day extravaganza! Oh, and because he really wants to participate in this amazing murder mystery dinner party...and because, apparently he doesn't mind being the man in the van down by the RIVER! LOL

So, we have him a resume and a cover letter...and we'll have him a place to at least shower and potty and all that...and a place for his Lucy (snake) to slither this way and that...but we'll still need to find him a place once he gets up here...and a job...and zomgz *reeeeekreeeekreeekreeek* but yeah, I do it all out of love...and the fact that I apparently thought my life needed more spice!? Oh well, this should be fun! I'll keep you posted! :D

PS: My Hovercraft is Full of Eels! = Luftputefartøyet mitt er fullt av ål
(luft poot eh fart uyeht mitt air foolt ahv ohl)

OH MAN! The Norwegians are going to LOVE ME! Or lock me up in an institution for a VERY long time. HAHAHA

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