Friday, April 16, 2010

Is there a Norwegian Tax day? Flutes! And other such Norsk-sense.

The bestie (AKA Super M) went to the post office on the wrong day at the very last few minutes to send in her tax day forms with her rabid husband. From her blog she seems to have found a really rockin' place to hang out next year just before close! I recommend the read. I seriously wonder if Norwegians or other Europeans have a tax day...and is it the same day every year...or have they developed a system of awesomeness that far surpasses (yet again) the United States' policies on tax? I'll have to look that up. I mean, I've recently learned that nearly every country in the world does the income tax seems only natural that they'd all have to file those taxes for refund. But, could it be possible to only take out the correct amount of taxes from everyone's paycheck so that no filing need be done by your citizenry? So many questions so few answers.

We went to the Half Price Books store today and came out with a STACK of very useful books we've been looking for forever. the Prose Edda, Starhawks "Spiral Dance", "The Pagan Book of Living and Dying" also by Starhawk, "The Galdrabok An Icelandic Grimoire" by Stephen Flowers, Two intermediate flute lesson books as I need some serious help remembering my scales We also got "Wiccan Warrior" by Kerr Cuhulain a must read for all who follow a Pagan and/or Warrior path. A World Atlas Sticker Activity pack was also dug up that Nixie will be using years from now, but it was two bucks and shall go in my teaching tub. I can't possibly pass up cheap teaching materials. Then this giant dinosaur pop up book which produced much laughter.

You see, before the adventure to Half Price Books we  found ourselves with a wonderful guest Mister JoeJoe Monkey. K, that's not his legal name but that's what I like to call him so there you have it. Anyway, we go off to eat some Chinese at a buffet that's normally phenomenal...Hong Kong Buffet...I've posted on it before. We get there and the food is dry and the place is not busy and the staff looks at the end of their ropes just standing about. it was SO unusual for this place. Afterward we went to the book store aforementioned. Mister JJMonk upon exiting holding the dino pop-up book decides once he found the pop out T-rex head that he'd follow me around the car opening and closing the book just slightly so it looked like the dino was going to bite us. I'm sure the Pizza Hut employee across the parking lot thought we were either crazy or a riot, hopefully the latter.

I've been playing my flute a little bit each day to build my face muscles back up so that I don't sound all airy when playing. I'm also working on scales so that I can play these intermediate pieces without a second glance back at the key signature again. lol. For those of you who didn't know I have played since 5th grade, though I came in late, I was caught up very quickly by a few high schoolers and my MOST excellent band teacher, Mr. B. I certainly hope the hubby can do band camp this summer for him (silly tuba players). I really do miss Mr. B...he was my favorite teacher...and still one of my favorite human beings. Seriously underestimated as he is...he still manages to motivate a throng of young people year after year. Too much trouble and too little pay and all his side projects have one Mister B, worn down, a little older, a little wiser, but still a trooper and a wonderful man.

I really need to talk to Super M because something wonderful happened during our brief disconnect! The lady with the house had actually called me before I called her on Monday but my phone decided not to deliver the message to me until Wed. morning? I'm still like WTF? So, I call her back Wed. morning after I check her VM. She still wants us to see the house on Sunday afternoon at 215pm. Very precise time, I know, right? So, if all goes well and we like it there, and they like us, with all your thoughts and prayers and good house renting JuJu we'll have a place to live in Yellow Springs! This would be the biggest relief to me and my bundle of nerves. I've started pre-packing cleaning in the living room. I need to finish the kitchen tomorrow and start packing up what we don't use after it's all cleaned up. Ever since that leak in our apartment (see former posts a few months ago) and the deconstruction of our living room...I don't even feel like taking anything with us it's so cluttered from having to be moved away from that corner (which still occasionally leaks and no, no one has come to fix it since we told them in February).

Typing up a resume and cover letter for a friend, Mr. Steve who'll be relocating here in a few weeks, so he says and will need a job or else suffer living in his van down by the river. He still might have to for a while until he can save up enough for a small flat in a decent area...but we'll be there for moral and shower support lol.

Lastly, I promised more Norwegian lessons:
How to order crab...or anything  really, just substitute the word you learned by asking the first question into the place of the order in line three.

1: Hva heter det? (vah det-air deh) - What is called that...or what is that called?
2: Det heter en krabbe. (deh het-air en krahb-eh) - That is called a crab.
3: Vi vil ha en krabbe, takk. (vee vil hah en krahb-eh, tahk) - We would like a crab, please.

And there you have it, ordering seafood in a very sea-friendly area. Can't go wrong with crab. But if you're allergic or it's breakfast time try these words:

1: poteter med smør (poh-tate-air meh smur) - potatoes with butter (*nom at any time of the day*)
2: lefse med smør (lehf-sehh meh smur) - a soft flat bread with smur of course *me and my butter cravings*
3: en kopp kaffe (en kohp kahf-eh) - a cup of coffee (med fløte {meh fluh-teh) - with cream)

With that you should survive anytime you encounter a non-English speaking Norwegian town or village...which is ultra rare, but possible! This way at least you won't starve! OH and the most important phrase anyone can learn:

Hvor er toalettet? (vor ar toh-ah-let-eh) - Where is the toilet? And remember the doors might be labeled with pictures but if they aren't D is for (dah-mair) or FEMALE and H is for (hair-air) or MALE...I try to remember Dah as in daughter...and Hair as in's one of those remembering tools. Girls = D Boys = H

Jeg Elsker Deg! *covered a few blogs back* I Love You!
God Natt! *go naht* Good Night!

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  1. You are simply nuts- there just isn't a better word for you!
    Glad you got all those books at the secondhand bookshop. I have to say that a good haul from my local shbs makes my week! In fact the guy saves things for me now because he knows me, and that's even though it can be a month or two between visits!