Monday, April 12, 2010


Sometimes I just link the blog titles to random sites I've never been too. It excites me, just like this song:

My favorite Beatles song...EVER. Maybe this is a little bit of why I'm trying so desperately to learn Norwegian? It's been a repeating theme in my life. Of course, so is Djibouti, Africa...and honestly I have no idea why.  I'll chalk it up to past lives. I was born in the WRONG era. Period. End. Of. Story.


  1. Ummm sure! Whatever you say m'dear...

  2. I know, it seems unlikely, right? A song definitely NOT about anything actually Norwegian but one of the many things with the words Norway, Norsk, or Norwegian over the years that has really stuck with me...just a theme that has been repeated in my life. Djibouti is pretty intriguing too. Just last night an episode of NCIS mentioned an operative stationed where? You guessed it...Djibouti. Just after I posted this too. So strange the coincidences of life.