Thursday, March 25, 2010

Greenery becomes brownery...

Ever had one of those days where everything you touch turns from beautiful to totally ruined? No worries, it's never 100% your fault...unless of course you didn't feed and water it. I just can't grow anything indoors, I kill cacti people! I'm serious. I follow directions for every plant, even corn plants, fig trees, and hanging baskets fail under my direction. Even when watering them and snuggling them and doing everything you're supposed to...they die, a tragic death. Sometimes, it's a responsibility issue, as in my daughter came home from the hospital and our longest living (like 4 or 5 years!) house plant EVER by a landslide suffered the consequence of new responsibilities coming in...but that's a rarity. Mostly it's just not enough sun or not enough shade or not enough air? I don't even really know. What I do know is that when I plant outside like veggies and herbs and whatnot, they thrive, literally grow ginormous! Maybe I'm just made for farming, it is in my blood, after all.

I can't wait to find a place to lay down my first plot. To mulch and till and topsoil and fertilize (wooo manure!) and to put my hand in each little hole, cover it, water it, nurture the Earth into providing me It's abundance! it's going to be such a wonderful experience! GO EARTH! GO VEGGIES!

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