Friday, March 26, 2010

Something ado about you...being Earth friendly! Pt. 1

I am not here to yell and scream and raise my voice or show you a happy little video after buying "carbon credits" to make myself feel better about going against everything I'm preaching here. I am giving it to you straight. Everyone is conscious of the pollution problems, no one WANTS to live on a dirty Earth...but many don't think about what they do to contribute to the, sometimes disgusting, places we live. Myself, included!

Just think before you's a good rule for any life situation, as I'm sure you were told by a parent or elder to look before you leap. When you are out and about and all you had to grab from the fridge was a bottle of water, don't feel ashamed or shunned, just do the smart thing, when it's empty...refill it! It really is that easy. We were raised in a not so conscious society so it will take some time to get past our little hang ups. But, reusing everything you get that is plastic (for instance freezing soup or storing leftovers in butter tubs) at least once will free up a significant amount of landfill space. If you really think about it, I'm sure you have MULTIPLE uses for plastic bottles, tubs, and wrappers all over your home and yard.

Something else you can do Is to cook your meals a week or more in advance. This really eliminates waste and you can use those "leftover" pieces of veggies and meat scraps from cooking in a giant soup or stew for freezing for those nights (read weeks lol) you just don't feel like cooking after your hard days of working and prepping or building up your land. Just remember those potato peels, if not being eaten should be going straight into a compost heap OR a bucket to be taken to a communal pile weekly. If you have no such community compost, ask around to your neighbors, surely one of them has at least a place for you to put them back into the Earth safely and out of sight and smell.

That's really all I have today. I'll put a few more way easy tips in here some time this weekend! Much love and many blessings!

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