Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Super Eco-friendly Trashbag Giveaway!

Yup! I'm offering up one free sample of a tried and true plastic garbage bag that ACTUALLY biodegrades! Yes, ladies and gentlefolks, this bag is the real deal. Throwing out your garbage (that you can't recycle) will no longer make you feel like you're causing SO much damage to our Mother. Like most of the contents in the bag the exterior will break down via the help of tiny microbes. Because these bags are made with some natural materials that those little buggers love to munch on they will start the biodegrading process almost immediately. Just add some moisture and soil or mulch and voila! Thus begins the great break down *does a little break down boogie*!

Pictured above is the whole box of trash bags that are really no different, price wise, than your leading name brand garbage bag. When they say "Ridiculously Strong" they are NOT kidding. This bag is packed already and we're still shoving things down in there. No rips or tears thus far! I'm really trying this baby out. Plus it has a uniquely nice smell. It's not fragranced, but it just smells a lot better than regular trash bags. Still no match for baby poo, but it's managed to mask the other smells contained within prior to said stinky poo diaper. The second picture you see here is their amazing ridiculously strong yard bags! Super excited that they sell two sizes yet? I know! A free no-guilt trash bag!? WHA? Unheard of! lol

If you don't want to wait on the people at Green Genius to send you your free sample and you'd rather receive it (maybe even as an additional sample for good measure) from me in two to three days from Thursday...AKA Monday-ish of next week...just put your name and a way to contact you for your address in the comments below! Please remember that I'm only running this until Thursday! So, enter NOW and tell your Earth conscious friends so they can get in here too! Name randomly selected based on the eeny meeny miny mo theory! LOL, just kidding, actually I'll be randomizing zeh number of your comment! GO GO ENTER NOW!

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