Friday, March 12, 2010

Poipoi Passions, Crochet Projects, and Bolero's: OLE!

So, I thought I'd just take another minute to blog about something slightly more on topic than poop and plastic bags for a minute. I know, I know...but it will only take a minute. Bear with me?

Ok, so these past few days have been just beautiful! This is driving me mad because I live in "the ghetto." Well, it's not THAT bad but it's just a few steps behind. I can't just take my baby outside with me in her stroller or playpen while I do what I'm just looooonging to do which is to bust out my poi! I've been fire spinning for about, oh six years now? It's not like I'm that great, it's just a hobby of mine, but it morphs into a passion about this time of year. I can't wait to be in YS where I don't fear for my life or my wallet. I'll be able to go outside and just be in or around my home doing something others there won't stare at me (the reaction I get here) or honk at me (the reaction I get in West Alexandria when I visit my G'ma and spin in her driveway) like what I'm doing needs to be acknowledged in that manner because I'm crazy. If they were on fire, I could totally understand the stopping and staring, but how interesting is a plump chick with flailing arms and a weapon? Alright, that might actually be momentarily interesting, but these people just stick around and watch until I feel uncomfortable or if it's an "IDC" day until I get tired and go inside. They never approach and if it looks like I'm walking toward them they walk away. Am I the weird one here, or is this behavior warranted?

Enough of my complaints! I'm just so excited that I might get the opportunity to spin a little this weekend. I need to prepare for summer festivals as I haven't done anything more than practice spinning since my one year old, Nixie, was born. I need to get out there and whirly twirl it up to relieve my pent up winter stress. I also need to get my equipment out and get it tightened and checked since it's been half a year since I last used it. Oopsy? lol I've been watching videos like mad since I'm almost completely self taught and only watching things repeatedly seems to work for that. Someone could explain it to me a million times and I'll never never get it but pop in a video or put someone in front of me doing it for a few hours and I'll work on it. I just can't believe how much about muscle memory poi spinning really is. OH now I've talked myself into a frenzy and I'm going to go re draw some labyrinth patterns up after this to calm down again. More about those pesky labyrinths in a later blog. :)

Lastly, I'd like to thank Super M again for showing me this t-shirt upcycling technique she found last night on a website. A T Shirt Bolero? What!? Can it be true? Yes, yes it is true and amazingly easy! I made two tonight in just over an hour. THAT'S how simple this is. Once I get the ribbon in these I'll post pictures. But I have one camo in a size medium shirt and another one in purple that I made for Super M as a tester shirt to see if she liked the design ON her. If she does then I'll be pumping these bad boys out to order! Minimal fee if you provide your own T! Did I mention I also do wrap pants? lol Anyway, I can't wait to move...maybe I mentioned that one too. It will provide me with a place where what I do isn't so strange and maybe, just maybe someone will approach if they're interested in what's going on?

Forgot my bit on crochet projects: still ongoing...zomgz fail kill die yarn! Making the little samples for M is a nice break in my larger project which will likely take me until the summer to finish. I torture myself by using thread. GAH! fail. Thank you, that is all.

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