Friday, March 12, 2010

Pink heart doo doo bags, ninja poop, and eco-friendly trashbag giveaway!

Let's start with why they waste the dollars, time, energy, and insist on polluting our planet just a little bit more to create colored plastic dog poop bags. As I was sitting here thinking about poop (we'll get to that later) and what to blog about tonight, I looked over to the samples Super M gave me (one for me to test and one for me to do a super bloggy giveaway with) and then directly above them were these monstrous (but the only ones on sale in the pet store at the time) bright pink dog poop bags with lighter pink hearts embellishing them. I should never have to use the word embellishing when talking about crap bags, but I digress...or rather progress? Anyway, these bags are rarely used by us as our dog poops near the dumpster in our back dog patch area and since she is the only dog pooping there it just lends to the SUPER green grass that begins growing there (soon) this spring. Plus, it's less polluting to let her fertilize the grass and surrounding tree line than it is for us to deposit yet another non-biodegradable bag in our dumpster (of which the smell pouring out from it overpowers the doggy doo). That was really all I had but I couldn't help noticing how many different colored dog poo bags there are. Is there a problem with using recycled plastics and just letting them come out whatever color they do naturally in the process? I don't feel BETTER about having to handle dog crap because my hand is wrapped in a pretty pretty princess colored (and sometimes) scented bag.

Now, on to the dreaded NINJA POOP that I mentioned in the title. Have you ever been a little timid about using public restrooms or even not-so-close friends restrooms? I think we have all been a little pee shy in our time. I have to say there are a few things that contribute to this mentality. One is our pre-programming that peeing or pooping are unnatural or need to be hidden from the general public and another is the notorious "turd burglar" AKA The-Guy-Who-Knocks-Mid-Plop. While it is a horrifying, pantie grabbing, toilet paper unrolling experience to be "burgled" by the rapping at the stall door, or worse the jiggling of the entrance into your once peaceful commode abode...I think we can all agree that the WORST scenario is the *dun dun duuuun* NINJA POOP!

The NP comes on suddenly and we are often times completely unaware of it's mere existence, let alone its power to destroy your reputation, your "cute factor", and a toilet...or two. Imagine you really have to pee, innocent enough, we do it 4-10 times a day depending on many physical factors. You ask "Donde esta el bano?" They answer "What?" So you repeat "Where is the bathroom?" They cock their head sideways and point down the hall or to the back of the establishment. You give a curt thanks and head on your merry way. Once inside you notice the roll is low, but no matter you are just there to urinate. You drop trowel and begin your business when all of a sudden you're STRUCK. Completely unannounced to you your NP has seen the light and decided to make a break for it. Water hitting your tushy is your ONLY notification that it has begun and you know it is too late to "pinch" this one off and courtesy flush the rancid odor now building at your midsection. Ninja Poop has yet another victim. No one knows where it comes from or what foods cause NP to build silently in your depths, but everyone fears NP and avoids the foods they ate before their last NP until it strikes again after a totally unrelated meal. What makes this totally unavoidable mishap even worse is that NP makes sure you are in a new location nearly or with newly found friends or on a totally blind date nearly every time. Add to this factor that even on the off chance the roll ISN'T low there will be odor fighting agents in your vicinity adding to your walk of NP shame, all the sideways glances, and twisted up faces in your wake. If you are as terrified of NP as me you'll carry tissues and body spray with you EVERYWHERE, yes, everywhere you go. This has been a public service announcement.

Now on to the GIVEAWAY! *insert Oprah audience screams and cheers* As I said before, Super M the awesome sauce, ordered me these most amazing trash bags thag are eco-friendly because they actually break down in the landfills! They are made by Green Genius and are advertised as "Biodegradable trash bags so ridiculously strong, it's ridiculous."tm Go to their website by clicking the words Green Genius above and watch their oh, so cool video on the microbe and how their trash bags work! I will be testing this baby starting tomorrow. I'm really going to take it through the wringer and I'll announce my findings with the start of the giveaway beginning on Monday with my blog post. This is just a heads up for the few of you awesome enough to have stumbled upon my humble blog so you can get in on this super special (yeah, and cheap lol) giveaway. If you like it you can order another sample from their website or use the 2.00 coupon on the wrapper to purchase your own! Support the cause man!

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