Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book Swap!

OH YEAH! I just found a wicked cool way to lose those extra ten pounds books that I've been trying to drop recently. !!!

You can sign up in like 30 seconds including email verification if you already have that up in another window. Then you just list ten books you'd like to get rid of if someone requests you ship it (at your shipping expense) and then start requesting books for yourself right away! You get two books to start with. You can select from a HUGE list of books people are willing to ship off to you. With each additional book you list or send off you start accumulating credits you can spend on "free" books. I put the free in quotes because you will be getting credits by listing and sending off old paperbacks to others who are also participating. Generally about 3 bucks to ship these so you'll end up saving hundreds, if not thousands in books each year!

There are a few rules, like must be readable and have both front and back covers, but it seems generally relaxed and awesome! I'll have more on this bit of WIN as soon as I receive my first book! I joined yesterday, I'm putting my books in today, and I'll write the follow up to this blog as soon as I ship or receive my very first book! UBER excited!

Have a wondiferous night ladies and gents!


  1. Haha! I got you hooked on swapping!

  2. Ho hum, not sure that visiting you was the best idea if you are writing about an easy way to acquire more books...I bought three in the secondhand bookshop yesterday, and arranged to swap a bagful for store credit!
    Books? Can one have too many? Read too much?....

    Thank you for visiting my place and joining too. Look forward to getting to know you better!

  3. I've been rambling through your ramblings and I am joining you. You sure have a lot to read here already. I do sooooo agree with your attitudes and interests, though it tends to not be what I write about, it is completely my philosophy. I am very into Permaculture and sustainable living but I practise it within boring bourdaries as my husband isn't yet convinced. I'm working on him!!!

  4. Looking forward to getting to know you as well!
    And yeah, it takes some time to get the "hitches" convinced that your way is always the right way. SHEESH! You'd think they would know because they married us for our awesome wit and wonderful ideas...but somewhere along the way they lose their minds and start doubting us. LOL