Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What this is all about...appropriate intro to come later!

I will be posting here every day something new I've learned this year. Yeah, I got a late start, but that's because my friend (Super M) did her 100 goals for 2010 list and got me all motivated to blog some crap. SO here I am and most of this will consist of snippets about green living, communal living, yurts, log cabins, alpacas, llamas, dobermans, pugs, babies, homeschooling, recipes, tips & tricks with home supplies, fire spinning, crochet patterns, and who knows what else? Look out later for an exciting look at yurts! Ok, maybe not...but I'll be teaching you something that I learned every day. Some things you might already know, some things might make you scratch your head, but either way I'll try to delight you with at least one thing you'll find useful this year! Keep it green (or purple, I'm not picky)!

1 comment:

  1. I think that you need to post about your yurt dreams. I've seen your dream yurt, but alas, I am still quite a novice on what exactly a yurt is and why you'd want to live in one? Also, where the heck would you keep all your stuff?