Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I squeel, you squeel, we're all a feel...for...


I was just  CRAVING a pizza from the area "Hut" tonight...and I wanted an onion'y mess...with pork. The two pizza toppings I require if I am to eat pizza. Please forgive me little piggies and thank you for giving your lives up for my family's consumption. I just require this particular cut of this animal as it is possitively irresistable to me and there is no real close substitution. At least none that has the amount of grease that makes this tasty once in a while snack worth the guilt factor.

So I've ordered and settled on the deliciousness when my telephone rings. They tell me they don't have any bacon. This isn't the first time they've been out of a product recently. I'm starting to think they recently changed or lost management. I've been ordering from this place for the past two years and have been relatively happy up until a few weeks ago. Lodging a complaint, as I have learned from my downstairs neighbors who are slowly driving me to the ege of madness (quite literally), does absolutely nothing. I mean, the police do not even respond to this gross display of lack of respect for other human beings. So, I suck it up and eat it. It's not too bad...but not the same without the whole reason I ordered pizza in the first place.

What I learned from this experience:
Even things that have been perfectly stable for several years in your life, from the minor to the major, can come crashing down with one tiny decision made miles from you for which you have no input and can do nothing about. Life isn't fair (period).(period)

I'll go into my very depressing and distressing neighbor situation later. No one on the planet should have to endure such cold, ill tempered, loud, annoying "people" as these. They are the first set of neighbors that I have not been able ot resolve a situation with. They might not be the last, but if this happens in the future and if you out there in blog world notice a strange aquatic and rotton mayonaise smell when you turn on the air in your car...you might take a look around and make sure you don't see me smirking out at you from my front porch. BUT if you do happen to see learing at you, you'll want to reevaluate how you treat other people and watch out for chemical warfare should that devestating behavior continue.

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