Thursday, January 21, 2010

We'll have a magick tea party...with...

pink tea for me and you! That's right! My Buddy, my buddy, my buddy and me! Kid sister, kid sister, kid sister and me! Ahh, the good old days. The days before I cared what I looked like before I ran outside to serve tea to my younger siblings and my doberman, Samson. When I would ride the largest bike down the biggest hill I could find, which happened to be our back yard hill. When I did things that were "dangerous" today that were just labeled "harmless fun" in the way back machine.

Times sure have I even old enough to say that? What I'm getting at, folks, is the fact that the world is a constantly changing place and the change so constant that as you get older and loose some capacity for learning...much of it just flies by without a word, nudge, or notion. I try to take a moment out of every evening (AKA 3-5am EST) to tell you folks something I know about and have recently rediscovered or something new I learned that day. And sometimes it's so hard just coming up with something. So, on days like these I lean to the little things in life and expand from there. Because, from little things, big things grow...or so the saying goes. This includes ideas and inklings.

So, I'm Asmo (Asmodians or the dark half) ganking (killing) in the MMORPG "Aion"  and they're begging for thier lives so they can just go complete a quest or collect something they need back "home", or even to kill one of our little lowbies, a thought occurs to me. My thought is collected and shuffled to the back of my head until I'm out of danger, of course. But once the scene is clear, I start thinking about my tresspasses against those poor lowbie asmo's...and then I suddenly come to my senses. WHAT was I thinking?

This is me in game form. My name is Nanehi, they call me Nani, I heal...and kill.

This is a game. I remind myself. I tell myself this every day. It is important in the world of online gaming to remember your place in the real world. Even if you think the only friends you have in life are in this little box you need to get your head out of your bottom and really take a look at your life. Take a look at how young you are and know that in a few years your life will be SO different you won't know why you wasted so much time in that world. Not that it's not enjoyable...and not that you can't have real friends there (as they are real people on the other side of the screen.) But the game was meant to be played!

Take a moment or two to realize that having sympathy for the enemy means certain death yourself and moments of revenge. Via online gaming in a Vs. style, many young people can learn a much safer feeling of what the charge of war must be like. It's more an empathy than an understanding...but it develops good hand-eye coordination and keeps some part of their (otherwise TV watching) bodies moving. But, it's just a game. Just a game that needs no other place in your life.

Remember when they tell you you've been playing for an hour, please take a break...please do, really take a break. Go pee, grab a drink, turn around and look at the really helps to escape your daily grind...but it doesn't help to get so engrossed you're ignoring your family. So with that, I bid you a beddy bye. I must go out a shopping with my Grandmother in the morning...errrr later today lol. It's my husband's birthday celebration this weekend. Also a terrific friend Anna's B-day! We're so lucky to have three pairs of friends share their B-days. It makes the parties so much more manageable! lol


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