Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Pusher

While I don't 100% agree with this picture, I will say that religion, in an organized manner, has and will continue to control the masses. It's just who we are and how we've learned to manipulate to get what we want done...done. The United States as a nation has used these fear based tools to guide us into getting the vaccines, buying the bonds, and to prod us into reporting our poor "brown neighbors" who's exact ethnicity we're not exactly sure of, but they look oh so scary taking out their garbage at 1am, so they must be a terrorist.

This post is about finding and developing a religion, a personal connection to deity. I linked this post's title to my label. Learn something about the VERY broad heading of Earth based religions that I link myself too. I label me so that more can understand where I'm coming from with my love of the Earth and my honoring of the nature around us. I don't consider myself a "witch" or even very "witchy" whereas many of my counterparts do. I consider myself a realist...down to Earth...very literally. I thank the plants and animals that give their lives to feed me, I respect all humans equally, I live to the fullest possibilities of the moment (which haven't been very opportunistic as of late), and I try to spread goodness and love to my fellow human beings. I know, it doesn't sound like I'm one of those weirdo goth girls with a giant pentagram pendant and a scowl on my face as is so sterotypically shown...ya know why? Because I'm not...I'm more "normal" than half the people you go to church with on Sundays. OK...maybe not half heh heh heh. But you get my point.


Find religion in yourself and in a spiritual community. Don't let fear guide you. Be your own person. Those so called "normal" looking people might not be your idea of normal. There are serial killers amongst us, more than we know, walking beside you in the mall, creeping by you in a narrow hallway...but have you even thought about that until now? Maybe once or twice, but not all the time like you worry about some pig flu or WMD's or terrorism...and it's all silly.

*peace and love and no fear*


  1. "There are serial killers amongst us, more than we know, walking beside you in the mall, creeping by you in a narrow hallway..."

    Is there something you're trying to tell me?

  2. Yes...keep your eyes peeled...or I'll peel 'em for you mwahahahahahah!