Monday, January 25, 2010

Green acres is the place to pee! (2)

Now continuing...part deux:

4.) Of great concern to women, at least we SHOULD be concerned with what we put in our bodies, is the sort of tampons we use. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for women to purchase organic tampons. Check out Health Foods Unlimited and other health food stores for more information on the cancer causing agents used in the bleaching process of those lovely little cotton plugs. Of greater concern to men and women should be the amount of waste women generate every year just because we're women.There are always moon pads which are awesomely soft cotton and flannel fabric liners filled with disposable cotton or cleanable fabric inserts. They are washable and create less than half the waste that normal pads create. And, because the inserts are 100% unbleached cotton they are much safer for the environment. If you can not or do not wish to carry your used moon pads around in little plastic baggies...or you're on the go too often try the organic tampons. 

The pesticides and bleaches used in conventional cotton tampons are pollutants in air, water, soil, and in your vagina! If just 1 in 20 women switched to organic tampons, we could eliminate a whopping 750,000 pounds of pesticides annually. And cut down on the number of cervical cancer cases a year (a prediction as made by me, but can be backed up by looking at when they started bleaching tampons and comparing that to the number of women with cancer per capita just a few years afterward).

5.) Here's one for the guys: Electronics. I know, you want to stop me now. But here's the thing, I'm on a computer right now...a fairly new one...boy it's shiny! I love it. If I could have bought one used in this condition to the right specifications I would have. The choices are ours to make. The impact every year that new boxes of plastic with harmful metal pieces leaves is traumatic. Just be sure that your next DVD player purchase is energy star certified! If every DVD unit purchased this year was certified we would save an amazing 837 kilowatt hours-equivalent to the amount of power generated at a nuclear facility over a 40 day period. Isn't that just amazing. Buy used, save some money, save the whales...just kidding, but it's a step in the right direction!

6.) When it comes to veggies I love mine fresh. And when bought in season it can save you a tons of money over canned food items. Not too mention the countless gallons of water and hours of electricity it takes to make those canned veggies. This is a simple tip: Eat In Season! Eat Locally! I admit difficulty with this one. Especially difficult are winters in Ohio. What do we have growing in Ohio in January? Evergreens and weeds. Since most of those aren't edible what DO we eat? Try to grow your own if you have the land and remember to hold back the last of your harvest for canning (try to resist the urge to purge or force upon your neighbors). Canning takes some time, I'll admit more time than most Americans claim to have. But, if you can find 10 hours over a two week period at the end of the growing season you may not have to purchase veggies until mid-march, just before the regular growing season commences. To sum this up: Try to refrain from buying Bananas in's just bad news bears...for more information talk to Aaron or myself. We can tell you why the worlds economy has been wrecked and rests on the fate of bananas and banana growing countries. I <3 Jamaica.

To be continued...

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