Saturday, January 30, 2010

This is the POWAH of love!

Recent astonishing updates from friends and family have sparked this blog. A best friend with an aunt in stage four ovarian cancer with a tumor in her stomach making her look like she's carrying a full-term baby and hopes an prayers floating to her from everywhere in hopes that everything is successful, who is worrying about having this disease herself. Another best friend lost her grandmother, not to cancer, and I'm not sure what the final diagnosis was but I want to be there for her emotionally to make sure she knows that I'll be there for her and her family if they need anything at all.
I just want all of my friends and potential friends to know how much I love you. If something ever happens to me or my loved ones I know you would be there with love and prayers and support. I have had the worst day of inwardness I've had in years today...and what a day to have it, huh?

I just wanted to put my thoughts and deep feelings for you into this blog because, as we all know, disaster comes in threes and since it was two of my best friends dealing with death and serious illnesses I figure the puts either myself or another one of my best friends in the cosmic line of fire. This might sound like mumbo jumbo to many of you, but I've found these things to be truths in my life.

I'd just like to say hold on to me and know that someone will always be there to hold your hand, wash your hair, stroke your face, attempt to heal you with love and prayer, help pay your bills, comfort your families, sleep next to your children when they have a bad night, help you or your next of kin prepare their/your body and their/your funeral, wash your clothing, handle your estate (if the need arise), clean your house, be a parent in your absence, write letters and/or emails for you, and to basically do anything you need me to do at any time in your life providing I am physically/financially able to. Because I know that you would do one or all of these things for me in my time of need. I have seen the outpouring of love and attention when my (three month preemie 1lb 13oz.) Nixie was born and I had been so close to potential death.

Having also seen the open neglect to recognize our dyer situation and instead feel the need to pile your life drama onto our already over-filled basket (and no I'm not talking about potential illnesses and death in the family because I'm not going to be there to shield you from the ongoings of life because that is unfair to everyone) I will refrain from talking about any less serious drama in my life in the heat of the moment. I will give a grace period before I decide to unload my life crap onto your already heavy soul. I love you all, thank you for being in my life, thank you for caring, and most of all thank you for staving off drama and living to the fullest!



  1. as an ohioan i had to come and check you out and then POW was hit right between the eyes with some serious heavy stuff.

    i don't know you and vice versa but I am sending positive love and thought and prayer your way and hope you and your loved ones find the strength and peace to face all they must endure.

  2. Thank you so much. Your sentiments mean quite a bit in our little world. All too often people glance over a situation. It takes gumption to step up to the plate and put your thoughts out there. I see from you blog that you have that oomph! Thanks again, look forward to following along in your stories!

  3. Friends are good, and even cyber buddies who just comment 'go girl' or 'sorry for your troubles' or 'yup! bin there!' are helpful. I'm not good at speaking to people, and I hesitate to write the hard stuff, but all sorts of folks have commented and helped pick me up.

    And in the 'real world' people do too. I've helped others and others have helped us. People still are mostly kind, I think, or am I naieve?