Monday, February 1, 2010

I see your true colors...

and that's why I love ya!

Errr, OK maybe that's why I avoid you?

I put up a totally fake dating service ad like three months ago maybe? Well, fake name and personal info but REAL likes and dislikes and what I look for in men and what attributes I have and my pitfalls. I took all their matching tests and wrote down all my favorites. And so far...I've been pretty terrified! The "men" this program has been "matching" me with is just frightening! They are NOTHING like what I asked for, they can not spell or write in complete sentences which was CLEARLY my most important answer in the communications section.

What is wrong with the world today when a charming, semi-intelligent, nerdy girl gets hooked up with Cujo and Bubba? I fear for the world if these nice girls are being matched with total douchebag-losers and think they can't do any better! For the first time today I got sent my matches list and there he was (if I were single anyway lol) the perfect match...OK, not perfect but nothing is. He is witty, well educated, worldly, has a very caring face, and is a professional looking for his...*squeal tires here* INDIAN PRINCESS!??? What? Yes, ladies and gents a very charming Indian man was linked to me even though his wants state CLEARLY that he does not want any woman who is not Indian.

That being said, the moral of today's story is: don't trust the interwebz they ARE out to make your life miserable.

On the other hand...that's how I met my husband (on AOL IM way back when). HA! I'll tell you more about that subject in a later blog! TTFN!

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