Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maintenance needs a tune-up!


Maintenance finally came...TODAY. After only NINE phone calls, staining on the ceiling, more water dripping along the inside of the wall of the closet next to Nixie's bed, and telling them our ceiling is about to fall in (a little fib, but almost the truth, give it a few more days). Maintenance guy finally came by to tell us there's NOTHING he or they can do until the ice sheet comes off the back of our apartment and that they've had a meeting with the property manager who said the same thing. Which means what to us? I'm unsure now. We already have half our living room furniture in the middle of our living room and now there's water in my baby's room (my baby who was born 3 months early and as a result has BPD) running down behind the walls.

This means we have to empty the closet behind that corner of the wall and put it...where? I have no clue we already have our walk in filled with the things that were in the nursery before it was a nursery. I guess we'll just keep packing the boxes with books and moving things into giant piles of things that we don't use daily. This certainly has been the motivation we needed to get packing so we can get the hell out of here.

So, I have been looking through apartments and other rentals in Yellow Springs, OH. It's a wonderful little village community with such diversity and it will give me the opportunity to meet with and hopefully, make friends with even more like minded individuals. I can just plop the baby in the stroller and walk to the market *zomgz market not grocery store yay* and pick up fresh veggies and meats. I also need to invest in a steamer, as a side note, so when I re-read this blog later I'll remember lol. I'll be able to stop using plastic grocery bags and I'll minimize the hubs' multiple trips driving to the store each week. I'll also have a nice place to walk around and have picnics and go hiking...all the things little kids like in the out of doors. Hopefully I'll be able to find an apartment to look at quickly and move in even quicker. I just can't take this b.s. anymore. This will also take me one step closer to "the dream" of moving onto our own sustainable land by getting to know and work with different types of people. Living in a village has its difficulties and its perks but all in all it is what you make it. Another plus: it's not a big town affected by urban sprawl which is a HUGE problem here in Ohio.

Just thought I owed all of you an update on our maintenance fail. I don't know where to go from here that won't get us an early eviction while we can't afford one. PS I've called the police FIVE times on the "man" downstairs and still...nothing...nothing. This is ridiculous. I feel so trapped. A lot like this poor kitty.

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  1. I'm sorry for what you are going through just now, really am. I dunno if its possible but the more time you spend outdoors with your Nixie wrapped against the cold the better I'd have though to stop her and you breathing in the damp and mould. Can you get lavender scented night light candles? Lavender would combat the bad air which must be building in your flat. Find another place quick as you can I think is the answer as you just ain't gonna fix this one!