Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maintenance Fail and Parental Mishaps

For future reference I would like to state to all of you as my witnesses that I am totally writing the BBB, Columbus Housing Board, my apartment complexes corporate office, and any newspaper that will have anything to do with me.

Just an update: two more calls later, talking directly with Eric (maintenance guy who said he'd be out in an hour), and waiting waiting waiting...and no one. NO ONE. Did I mention not a single person seems to care that their property may be falling down!? Turns out we're one of FOUR units experiencing the same thing. The lady at the office gave him the wrong address (HOW HARD IS YOUR JOB LADY FOR FECKS SAKE). I'm sitting here and the dripping has slowed to a stop,'s refreezing for the night. Tomorrow morning we may not have a ceiling...

Just thought I'd vent my frustration here. I'd also like to tell you a little about parenting. It's hard as shit! It's rewarding for certain, but it's damned hard. Newborns to teething to the next grumpy fuss stage. It doesn't matter your approach to solving these issues either. Natural, chemical, somewhere in between...because kids have a mind of their own. Period >.< End of story. You can raise your kid in front of the TV like my generation, or in front of a radio like a few generations before. You can give them plenty of grassy foods and exercise them or feed them a good moderate mix of foods including a few fats and then let them stay inside playing DDR all day. You can buy them toys, it doesn't matter what kind. You can purchase clothes new or recycle by going to the thrift store. You can breast feed or bottle feed...and you know what...your child will still end up the good-natured, well-rounded example you feed them. Outside of the obvious health benefits of a few of these doesn't make you any less a parent if you do what you NEED to do in order to live your life and get things cleaned up and DONE. For example: Duct Tape Baby. There's nothing wrong with that. Honestly, it was for a photo op...and for serious it's not called 55MPH tape for nothing. LMAO.

Can I also call out for people without children  to stop exclaiming what is wrong with the way this person or that person is "effing up" their children. For real, do you have kids yourself? I mean a kid in your face 24/7 365? NO? OK then...all you have are IDEAS that have no basis in REALITY. Unless you've been Super Nanny get out of my face with your BS psycho babble (that you read about or heard about somewhere without doing extensive fact checking or looking at opposing view points) about how if your kid looks at the color salmon for longer than five minutes a day they'll become brain-dead, K? K!

If it's not blatant abuse verbal, sexual, or physical...keep your nose out of other people's business and your snarky ass remarks contained to your own family and your own home. I understand general concern for the physical/mental well-being of any child, it's natural...but seriously, if a parent can keep their child busy doing something for 15 minutes so they can fold a load of laundry, or finish up dinner, BRAVO to them for being able to clean, make dinner, and raise a kiddo. Not to mention those working or single moms. I won't tell you how to raise yours if you stay out of my face about mine.

Pretend we each have hamsters and use different food and bedding but all in all our hamsters are happy and healthy and love to play with each other. Suggestions are always welcome but shoulda woulda coulda's can find their way to the door. Ahhhthankyouverymuch.


  1. YOU ROCK BABE! How I WISH I'd had the courage to say even half of that when my jokers were babies! Mine loved dirt, and stripping off to dance in the rain, preferably in the mud...can you imagine what was said? Oh don't start me! But now they are almost finshed teenagerdom I know you are right and thay'll be what they're goona be... and you know something else? Its the mad, bad, fun, crazy things they did in their childhood which stay with them, not all the perfect diet, or lovely toys, or tidy house! We had a puppy who chewed the heads off their dolls so they all had chewed up dolls and those they remember more fondly than the designer teddies that people gave them, just an example!
    So you stick to your opinions!
    Ans LOVE the duct tape baby- I've gotta show it to my girls!

  2. Sorry it has been so long between you posting and me posting. I've been out of computing range for a few days...thanks to Farmville for obsessing my grandmother lol and thank you to the ice for causing a good leak that has our computer at least temporarily broken.

    I am stubborn and opinionated, it's a wonder people get along with me at all. I guess initially I come off polite and curteous, but once you crack the surface it's a big undercooked egg of confusion. lol. Thank you for your support, it's so nice to have every so often when you think you might be a little off base or out of touch. It really made my day to read your comments. Thanks again!