Saturday, February 13, 2010

The NIGHT of Terror in Apartment Manor!

So we return from our Day of Terror yesterday to the apartment thinking we could come in and unwind some more before bed. As soon as we get in we are bombarded with TERRIBAD Europop and other such guitar playing/awful singing sounds like cats dying from the downstairs apartment. AGAIN. Note that I have called the apartment complex about them twice and the police department four times prior to last night about their disturbances. They wake my baby girl up in the middle of the night by cranking up the volume as soon as they turn on their awesome stereo system (that shouldn't be allowed in an apt. complex to begin with). I mean, all the way up, then immediately back down...just to irritate the entire building. I think we've all called on them. They bring their skanks back for a night of drinking and music playing/getting diseases...and this can go on from about 9pm off and on to about 5am. Yeah, and it happens more often than not. Weekdays and all. They also turn their music on in the afternoon (I think they deal drugs or have some other kind of profession that allows them to stay home all day) and wake Nix up from her naps. ANYWAY:

Back to the point at hand. I go to the restroom and then to the bedroom to call the police, relating the back story above. They take note and say they'll send someone out. They must have sent someone close by because we hear knocking (which they almost never answer) then we hear them shut off their music and SLAM their door. About 30 minutes later they're back at it...hardcore louder than before but the baby is asleep and I don't have the patience to call the police in a CALM manner and everyone else is asleep.

In the meantime (between the police coming and everyone crashing) we discover a leak in our ceiling...DIRECTLY OVER OUR COMPUTER DESK! OMGWTFBBQ!

< < < see the water droplets?

How long has this been leaking!? OH NO HELP!?

So we call the office to get transferred to the emergency maintenance number, I mean the whole corner of the room is sagging and it's like a pipe busted upstairs or something (we asked upstairs neighbors and it's not wet up there so it's something under their flooring). We forget to leave a call back number so we call AGAIN...that's TWO count them TWO times to the EMERGENCY maintenance number. We don't get a visit, a return phone call, NOTHING. We could have been without HEAT with an 11 month old BABY!? They just don't care.

The hubs called the apt. complex again this morning and left a message about it because it wasn't fixed. Then had to call AGAIN after we went grocery shopping this afternoon at 1pm. It's now 3:13 and no return call and no maintenance and our ceiling is sagging and turning colors. I am worried about mold and a slew of other things, and it turns out...hmm they just don't give a shit.

The most important thing that happened last night:

Why YES that IS our fucking computer! DOUCHEWADS! I am SO PISSED OFF at this point I don't know what to do. Our computer desk is soaked, two mouses a keyboard a wide screen monitor AND our tower...all soaked...ALL.EFFING.SOAKED! Yes, that's also our checkbook, a few gifts people gave us, the mouse in the picture isn't even was borrowed for gaming...and now Super M and hubby Phil are finding out via blog that it got water logged. I am letting every thing sit in front of a fan for about a week before I try anything else out. But this means, not only was our graphics card already on the way out, we now might need a brand new computer.

This means I'm on the laptop and my blogs are going to be infrequent for a little while. We really need to figure this all out. Thankfully we have renters insurance. We just need to figure out if they cover water damage...oh gods, I hope so. Water stopped dripping over night and started again this afternoon. Might be pipes freezing/thawing. Who knows, maintenance sure doesn't care to! GAH! *insert angry expletives in explosive strings here* Never mind my potpie bowl and open pack of batteries (JUST replaced in keyboard and mouse) pictured here.

Your thoughts and prayers of pain to my neighbors and apartment complex owners are well deserved and desired. I know, I'm so pessimistic sometimes. Any suggestions of what to do with the whole computer system and how to lodge a complaint against our complex are requested. Until I can get back on the laptop and blog again (probably tonight lol) have a great day and a groovy night. I'm off to learn something that'll make my day a little brighter that I can share with all of you later. Toodles.


  1. I've been reading up from the bottom of the Fur Vault Blow Out!! I can't stop laughing at that, so excuse the spelling errors!!!
    But as for the rest??? SS and the drip?? That's dreadful, the first due to stupidity of others, and the second, well I hope you can dry out the computer. I'd say the fan or jeater idea should work, my mom once had to use the hair dryer on her answer phone and fax machine and it worked fine for many years after...though I realise a computer is rather different.
    Well, I'm just sorry, that's all.

  2. It took until TODAY for a maintenance man to come LOOK at it.../fail apartment. They can't do anything about it until a large sheet of ice falls off the back of our building...soooo...that means? Your guess is as good as mine. I'll be blogging on that now.