Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thursday's Blog On The Tuesday After! (Moon Pad Saga Pt. 1)

So, on Thursday (Feb 4th) I was taken down to the bestie M's house and left there with an agenda and a teething baby. I know, total contradiction.

We were going to make Moon Pads! And by we, I totally mean mostly Michelle! LOL. I was dog tired most of the time I was there, in some serious back pain, and dealing with my little Nixie's tooth cutting fiasco all through the night. Thankfully, I got at least half of the moon pads cut out after our rad trip to the thrift store (10 bucks for the material for 25 moon pads) and we got lots of Vlogging done.

She (Super M) ended up cutting out the rest of the templates and sewing all of them on Friday night while I napped with Nixie. Afterward we stayed up to all hours of the night Vlogging our little minds out about Moon Pads, the natural or greener way to deal with our womanly cycles. This is a very important subject to myself and now to M as she realizes the health benefits and impact our monthly cycles (and TMI her lack of them) makes on the Earth and on our own bodies.

We thought it wise to include a very informative, if not painfully long (so we broke it down into enjoyable short segments), talk about the effects of those nasty smelly bleached tampons and diaper-like pads on your body (yeah, think cancer causing agents) and on the landfills (and beaches of the world). So without further ado...ok so a little more ado...this first part is a little history of the menstruation products and the "dirty shame" that women have been pre-programmed to feel about the natural part of themselves by leaders of states and religions through the ages. Also a short bit about re-using products and shopping at thrift stores.

Here is PART ONE of the MOON PAD SAGA:
(please excuse my lip consumption and excessive hand talking it helps me think)

ends with the development of disposable "sanitary" napkins in the 1920's. I'll have M upload the second part of this saga either tonight or tomorrow and we'll go on learning about the health risks that plague our population of women because of the use of disposables!

Stay tuned for PART TWO!

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