Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crocheting! Simply NOT out of style...

While Crocheting is looked upon as the old way of doing things it just simply is not as out of date as many young women/men seem to think it is. Practical, yes...and I can see how some old 70's acrylic pea green and yellow throw can make it seem like like something only grandmothers do as an embarrassing arts & crafts project...but it really is the logical choice when you are talking about making something practical and warm that will be around for ages. But don't think chunky yarn and size 10 hooks are the only things you can use. Lace weight yarns and threading can make some of the most beautiful garments and doilies that will not only be a welcomed gift, but also something your children and grandchildren will remember and fight over (or request in those nice families lol) upon your passing.

Pros of Crochet:
  1. Cost efficient hooks are cheaper than needles and though it seems that crocheting takes up more yarn, if you adjust your patterns or simply freehand it takes up about 3/4 of the yarn that knitting takes for similar clothing items.
  2. Practical. Not everything is beautiful, but everything is useful and if you plan on living sustainably I would suggest at least picking up the basics to make things from your knitting scraps like pot holders and dish scrubbers.
  3. Quick. After a little practice and getting the basics down you can whip out a hat in about thirty minutes, a pot scrubber in about 15...and a granny square in about 10. Honestly! It doesn't take long at all and that could also relate back to practical.
Of course there are a lot of beautiful things you can create with knitting...but it usually costs a bit more, is just as practical, is not usually quick, but does turn out beautifully. If eye pleasing things are your bag, I think you might find a better home in the land of Knitopia. However, if you are a practical go-getter, like myself, then you might find your happy home in the land of Crochetville. Simple living begets simply living...

I made a few neat little patch-type pieces for Super M today. A few lacey patches, a few rounds, and three snowflakes that are wee (about 3/4 in.) and blue.


  1. Glad you like 'em! I need to keep on trucking on them though. Going to work on borders next...eeps! lol