Monday, February 22, 2010

Babies and fail...parents and more fail...and taxes which is synonymous with fail.

So, tonight...why is there so much fail in the world? Tonight we hear frantic knocking at the door and a man screaming that there was a two year old freezing, walking in the parking lot. We can never be sure in this neighborhood so we yell through the door to go call the cops and they grabbed a blanket took the kid in and did so. Hubs goes outside to see what all the fuss is about plus to make sure the boy is safe. Police come, pack of people walk baby boy back to his apartment. Cop leaves. WTF!? Anywhere else this would have been on the news! OH but we're in the GHETTO APARTMENTS. This means the police can ignore the situation AND that those people dodge public ridicule. /FAIL Parents.

The baby insisted on playing her little piano for like 20 minutes straight today. It went something like this: Tap a few notes, mumble, tap a few more, look at mommy for approval, mommy claps and says "good job," get excited, slam fists down on all four keys, tap a few notes...repeat. She's speshool. lol. She also had a moment of fail today where she was standing at the chair holding on with one hand and feeling her tongue, which was sticking straight out, with her other. She started wobbling, lost her grip and fell backward onto her bottom. She ended up biting into her tongue a bit so it bled, rinsed her mouth out with saltwater (which she hated and is still holding a grudge over lol) and put on orajel. She surprisingly only cried for a minute...but whined for a few more. /Fail baby.

Then we go to E-file our taxes today, we should be getting especially needed amounts of money back, but NOOOO. Someone decided that since my name Candace Rhae Moore didn't match with what's on my Social Security card that I shouldn't be allowed to file. Um...what about the last 28 effing years!? When I was either being claimed or filing for myself? Oh, I'm sorry that should be last 23 years...since for the first five years of my life you had me listed as Candace...then SOMEHOW I mysteriously get changed to Candi Rhae at age five.

Little background: Got SS card at birth, Gma had it, mother went to reapply for another card at age five (must not have known about other SS card) and somehow changed my name from what's on my Birth Certificate (Candace) to my nickname (Candi) {no worries my mother is a nitwit}. Lost card Gma had at 14 went to apply for new one at 16 and had to keep reapplying for 8 years. Finally, stumbled upon someone who'd help me, got card sent to me, noticed it said Candi Rhae Moore. Confused Candi doesn't think anything of it, just a blunder, finally a few years later asks "lady aka condescendingbiotch (see posts below)" at the SS office about it, she proclaims someone changed it. How the HELL could someone have changed my name on my SS card if they weren't changing it legally? Can you tell me that? I had NOTHING like medical records or school forms under the name Candi ever, sooo? Just someone at the SS office effing up my life right alongside my horrimother. It never ends, ya know? So, until I can go get a valid ID and then show it to the people at the SS office to get it changed...we can't file our taxes. WTF? I say again...WTF?

So wish me luck over the week as I struggle to simply...file our taxes. Also wish the hubs luck as he is going to be taking his oral defense/exam for his Master's Degree tomorrow morning.

Currently working on: Will Dave Matthews correspond with me about the apartheid? Will anyone, for that matter? I want to teach little Nixie about how far racism can go, and how beyond ignorant it is to dislike someone based on how they look. I just need a few people to write out their experiences and send them to me so that I can use them as a teaching tool down the road, but I'm afraid everyone involved will be getting older, and the firsthand experiences getting older and less passionate or dying with them all together. I just want the next generation to have something physical to hold in their hot little hands that shows how someone survived horrible tragedies like apartheid, 1950's and 60's US segregation, and the holocaust. If you know anyone who lived through those (or other) significant periods in our world's history...I can't tell you what it would mean to us to have more than the standard diaries and published books...but a real persons handwriting and a story about what they went through or a lesson they learned because of another persons misplaced hatred. Thank you...until next time!


  1. Like I say: s'long and thanks for all the fish!

    I still find it infuriatingly amazing that one little error a million years ago makes a spaghetti ball of impossibilities now? In East Africa beurocracy (sp?) was terrible for nit picking, but here they are still about a hundred years behind the times, and besides its a small country. I find your stories apalling...if it was me I think a small case of GBH would be on the adjenda...Oh and if you are interested (through it is very different) read this post, as he, like you, writes really well about blood boiling stuff:
    With you on the Apharteid thing- we have had some 'interesting' conversations, especially before Christmas when it happened that two of middle daughter's friends ended up at the dinner table one night- a white south african girl here for a year, and Sos's almost best friend who happens to be black ugandan!!! It was all very polite and of course I like to stir sooo, they ended up shoving me out of my own kitchen! I've known the ugandan boy for the last six years and since he's living on his own now whenever I meet him I kidnap him to feed him! I've less than no time for racism, or 'religionism' either as B calls religious intolerance.

  2. No, I am of the mind that people don't often speak their minds enough! Thank you for the link and your stories and responses to my blogs. I could not agree more that the subject of racism or 'religionism' (clever), are just so behind the times they should have never existed! It is really ridiculous to see and hear it, even now! I do have a prejudice against stupidity in large clusters such as areas with gang violence and a "ghetto" mentality. This nation has opened a lot of doors to the underprivileged youth that many of them are not taking because we can't pry them out of their safety net of repetiion in their lifestyle. Money comes easy living the "thug life" and I can see how getting a full time job and making half the money could be a turn off. It's a long ways off, but people of all colors and cultures and religions will come together under a common banner and hopefully that will erase some of the ignorant hatred we still battle today. Thank you for your comments, I just love reading them.