Monday, February 8, 2010

Blogging for the sake of survival.

I have been otherwise occupied over this last weekend, only to come home to the blue screen of death. I am on the husband's work laptop, of which I will have limited usage. So, today I will type up the fun exciting...or something like that...blogs you're used to. Detailing the exciting world of Moon Pads and my ultra fun time with my bestie Michelle! If you are in a hurry you check out part one of the Moon Pad/ Women's Health saga seek her blog here!

I will return tomorrow/later tonight with a well manufactured blog for your reading enjoyment.

P.S. Today I learned that I really should spend more time sleeping in the evening with the baby and to wake up with her at about 2 or 3am only to start my day while she sleeps her last four hours. It's brilliant!

Picture totally stolen from M's blog! My Daughter Nixie the Snow Pixie!


  1. Deep in the recesses of my brain. I seriously needed a good night's sleep, working on it now.