Friday, March 5, 2010

Knitters tip of the read on Facebook.

This blog is obviously not for ME as I do not and refuse to ever knit. But I thought these tips were amazing:

Danielle S. says:

You know you have a knitting addiction when you have yarn but no needles... So you use mechanical pencils.
She also adds that chopsticks work well too. I suppose she means the nice rounded or hair pick kind. So, you CAN carry knitting needles without having to tote around a bag! You can also knit on the plane this way! Just stick 'em in your hair and away you go! Thanks Danielle for your knitting craze and makeshift needle needs.

Also Super M brought this site to my attention tonight and this story made me bawl like a little baby.


  1. That knitting needle advice is really funny- and the link you posted is really sad. I've always though that the line between good and bad is very narrow and in many situations would be so easy to cross. One wrong decision, possibly leading to another, and one finds oneself sliding without handholds. And sometimes its pure luck that you make the 'good' choices. That's just my thought..

  2. I just couldn't imagine making one wrong turn and having to live with it away from everything for the rest of my life...I wouldn't survive.