Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where did you come from? Where did you go?

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. Yes, I am still having limited connection. Today (as in March 1st) was my daughter, Nixie's 1st Birthday. She woke up giggling and smiling and just a generally happy baby all day. Uncle Nick, who shares a birthday, came up to Columbus to visit and have a good old fashioned Cracker Barrel dinner. Nom Nom! Their party is on Sunday at the pizza place! I can't wait.

I have learned a lot about people over the years, a majority of things by simply shutting my trap and watching the world go by. In the process I also learned the very fine art of patience. There are still a few areas of that broad field I need to work on, but generally speaking I am a patient individual. I have just seen a lot of entitlement and impatience lately and it is trying my last nerve not to say something to these jerks. The biggest lesson of my life: Nothing truly belongs to you accept your pride, hope, and dignity. Hold on to those tightly and the world will shake loose everything else about you...but in the end you'll be able to walk back into life with your head held high, knowing that you came out on top even if you were abruptly thrust to the bottom. With a little pride and a lot of dignity and hope you can recompose yourself and make magic happen!

Living the dream isn't always about living your own dreams. Less cryptic more informational communal living links and stories to come! Keep an eye on sky!

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  1. My Mom has a phrase she often trots out in times like you're saying: 'don't let yourself down'- as in, bad behaviour just shames yourself. Its handy to remember.